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Worldwide Online Tree of Life Psychotherapy for developing psychologically and spiritually.

I am Chris Stavri a BACP Accredited psychotherapist. I offer a unique type of counseling based on the Tree of Life.

This therapy has been developed throughout my fifteen years of experience as a psychotherapist in combination with the study of the mystical system of the Tree of Life.

No matter what religious or cultural background, this therapy is for anyone looking for deeper emotional and spiritual meaning to their lives.

What the Tree of Life represents?

A symbol of personal growth, strength, and beauty.

The Tree of Life symbol represents the ten universal principles of life. Everyone has in them, their own unique personal and individual Tree from which one can develop and grow. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, you too can develop stronger, by endeavoring for new knowledge, understanding, and wisdom through the symbol of the Tree of Life.

What to expect from the Tree of Life psychotherapy?

With the Tree of Life psychotherapy, as you proceed, you will be taught the functions and principles of the Tree of Life. You will learn how to integrate the Tree of Life into your daily life and to see, through the understanding of the Tree of life, what level of consciousness you are operating on, whether it is physically, psychological or spiritual.

The central principle is the differentiation between the ego and the self. This is the key for moving oneself out of the bondage of the ego – or we could also say, the slavery of the lower mind, and into the autonomy of the self – the higher mind, where one can connect with their inner soul and spirit and have the self-rule over their life instead of being dominated by the unconscious ego- lower-mind. Themes like dreams, symbolism, mythologies, astrology, meditation and signs are also combined into the therapy. Likewise, the subjective unconscious and personal consciousness will be involved, as well as, all general emotional worries, concerns, and anxieties.

Many fascinating layers of the psyche will be explored to make this therapy multi-interesting. The Tree of Life is a multidimensional approach. It offers you to engage on all levels of yourself, that is, physical, psychological, spiritual, and Divine aspects. Over time, you will gain a universal psychological, spiritual roadmap to guide you through your daily life. Your psychological growth is your wealth. There is nothing more satisfying than understanding your own inner Tree-psyche and living according to who you and, why you are here.

If you would like to have Tree of Life Psychotherapy, please fill in the form below or contact Chris Stavri on +44 (0)7816977334.

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