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Meditation at Harley Street Counselling

At Harley Street Counselling, as part of the therapeutic experience of counselling, you can enjoy a guided meditation and just allow yourself to drift away into a relaxing state of being.

You can use guided meditation as part of your therapy, to help you wind down your current concerns and worries.

With the relaxation techniques, you can release stress and tension, and as a result, you can expect to feel uplifted and empowered after meditation. You can learn these techniques to help you relax at any moment that you need it.

During your session, your therapist will help you to find out the hidden meanings of the symbolism that comes up in your meditations, in order for you to find guidance and answers to what may be concerning you.

Through the guided meditations you will develop visualisation techniques for you to get in touch with the inner messages of your psyche.

Meditation is a limitless source of inner power that connects you with the universe and helps to expand the potential of your mind.

Meditation to help you relieve stress and anxiety

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