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Dream Interpretation at Harley Street

Dreams contain the most powerful symbolism that relate to our lives and can give us the clues to unlock our negative patterns and beliefs. They can also give us signs and advices about the things going on in our lives.

  • Are you experiencing any dream that consistently repeats over and over again?
  • Is there any particular dream that made you wake up in a state of shock?
  • Have you ever had a very intense dream that seemed to be real?
  • Is there any dream from your childhood that was so powerful that you can still remember it today with detail?
  • Would you like to find out the meaning of all these dreams?

As part of our professional experience we are trained to help you unlock the symbolism of your dreams and to find the connections between its messages and the circumstances of your life.

  • Furthermore, would you like to go deeper into the archetypes of your psyche and take a look at what they are telling you?

With Transpersonal Psychotherapy we can take you through different types of guided meditations which give us important symbolism that can be related to your life at the moment. After the meditation we dedicate time to find its meaning and understanding in order for you to find the right clues for your life.

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