I lost my mother in a sudden and unexpected way. It was a devastating experience, and I found myself overwhelmed with sadness and anger. At my husband’s suggestion, I went to counselling with Chris Stavri. Through therapy, I found a safe space to express my emotions and gradually started to feel happier and more willing to live again, although the pain of losing my mother will always be with me. I’m grateful for Chris’s support.

Maria, 39

Therapy with Chris Stavri has been helping me find meaning and direction in life. I appreciate the meditations and Chris’s empathic, gentle, and non-judgmental approach.

Ann, 32

Regrettably, I used to struggle with anger and stress, which affected my friendships and led to divorce. But with Chris’s help, I’ve learned to manage my anger and stress. After a year of therapy, I feel much better, and my life is improving.

Tony, 48

My life was in turmoil after my separation from my partner, and it affected my self-esteem and confidence. Despite initial resistance, I decided to invest in my mental well-being through therapy with Chris. It took time, but it was worth it. Therapy helped me rediscover my self-confidence and identity, and I’m now in a new and healthier relationship. I’m grateful for Chris’s support.

Jasmine, 52

I started therapy in Harley Street for my panic attacks and later discovered I also had a compulsion. Overcoming the panic attacks was relatively quick, but my compulsion was taking a toll on my life. It took time and effort, but with Chris’s support, I was able to break free. Now I’m much better, and I’ve chosen to continue therapy for personal development. After each session, I feel much better.

Julia, 45

I was struggling with confusion about my relationship and knew I had to take action. Despite being new to psychotherapy, I decided to give it a try. After my first session with Chris, I felt I could trust him. Through subsequent sessions, I realized that my relationship problems were rooted in my fear of commitment. I’m working on it and am grateful to Chris for his help.

Eric, 36

I lost my beloved mother and felt extremely sad and lonely without her. My human resource manager recommended therapy with Chris in Harley Street. Through therapy, I learned about the stages of bereavement and how to process my grief. Chris’s care and empathy helped me come to terms with losing my mother and recover from my grief. I’m grateful for Chris’s support.

Barbara, 50

I had been on anti-depressants for many years, and I came to a point when I had enough of them. That’s when I decided to seek help. I found Chris, and he has helped me overcome my depression. After months of therapy, I don’t need the pills anymore. Thank you, Chris.

Thomas, 48

Please note: Names have been changed to respect confidentiality and the BACP Code of Ethics.

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