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Life Changing

October 30, 2015

My life was in turmoil after I separated from my long-term partner. It affected my self-esteem and I started to become overly self-conscious. My friends kept telling me that I needed some extra help. At first I took no notice, but then I realised that it was affecting my work as well as my social life and I was becoming more reserved. Somehow, I plucked up the courage to take the plunge and go for therapy, and I have never looked back. It took time but it was all worth it. You can’t put a price on a good life. I spent money on all sorts of material things that didn’t help me feel any better. It was only when I started to invest in my mental well-being that I really started to feel better. I have rediscovered my self-confidence and identity. Life has never been better. I am in a new relationship with the kind of person I much prefer to be with, and have a clearer sense of direction. Thank you, Chris. I got myself back – and more!

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