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Adhere to the BACP British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy Code of ethics.

The service provided through Harley Street Counselling is not intended for crises and urgent needs. In a crisis situation, call 999 or local emergency services or visit the nearest emergency room. 

Information shared with the therapist is confidential except in the following circumstances: If the client presents a danger to themselves or others, mandated reporting of abuse of children or elders.

The first session is used for both of us to get to know each other.

It is the time when we ask each other questions to gain the information we will need to help us to work together in the future.

This is the opportunity for you to tell me what is happening to you and what your expectation is of counselling. Then, we can make some plans to help you overcome your worries as quickly as possible.

You are not obligated to continue with therapy, my hope is that we will have a good connection, and then, plan for future counselling sessions to help you to manage, understand and overcome whatever is concerning you. Everything we talk about is strictly confidential and will be met without judgement.

How often should you go to therapy?

Most people who see a therapist have a session once a week. This allows a steady pace of communication and healthy reflection between sessions. For a better therapeutic experience and outcome, you understand that it is better to commit to meeting the therapist once a week.

Equally, Chris Stavri will give at least one week’s notice for any break planned. 

The fee of £60 should be made at least 7 days (one week) in advance either by bank transfer or Paypal. This is an acknowledgement for my next counselling session. I also understand that this fee (under any circumstances) is non-refundable. My payment is for the therapist to save me the agreed session in his diary. I (The client) understand that once I have scheduled an appointment to see the counsellor Chris Stavri, will save that time, especially for me in his diary.

The fee may rise periodically once a year by £10 (end of January of each year) and the therapist will give at least one week’s notice to any planned raise. I (the client) am not obliged to continue with therapy if I do not wish to agree with the raise.

When the client wishes to terminate counselling: It is recommended that a final session is arranged to work through the ending of the counselling experience. This is your opportunity to discuss, with the therapist, what you have gained out of counselling, your progress, and future plans.

Chris Stavri has the right to terminate counselling at any time, and, if possible, a reason will be given.

By filling and submitting the form below you acknowledge, respects understand and agree to all the above terms. 

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