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One of the more common causes of unhappiness, and one which often brings people into counselling, is relationship difficulties. These take many diverse forms: Frequently the problem is difficulty in finding or maintaining long term relationships, but for others, it may be a dependence on such relationships. In many cases, it is a problem with a particular relationship in which either the client or their partner is unhappy or which seems to be failing.

A frequent cause of problems within a relationship is the fairy story myth that seems to permeate our culture: i.e. once the prince and princess overcome the obstacles that keep them apart the story ends and they live “happily ever after”. The reality is that this is just the start of the story.

Making a relationship work requires a great deal more than just finding the right partner: it involves knowing how to negotiate and compromise and, using communication and conflict resolution skills. It is important to have interests in common and to find ways to accommodate differences. It is often useful to examine each other’s respective expectations of the relationship. It helps if partners are realistic about which of their needs they can expect to get met within the relationship and which they need to take elsewhere.

Whether working with individuals or couples, I am open to working on either a short term basis, usually with clearly defined goals, or longer-term, often with a much more open and flexible agenda, updating the goals and commitments as we move further into therapy. The length of therapy for each type of relationship counselling is something that is discussed during the first session.

I aspire to listen and endeavour to assist you with any kind of concern you may be having regarding any kind of relationship problem and to help you find the best solution to your worries. I provide the space to help you work through the difficulties of any relational issue: whether it is how to improve the relationship with your loved ones, create better social relationships, how to attract a better relationship or how to work through the difficulties and commitments of a long-lasting relationship.

For further details about relationship therapies please go to Couples Counselling.

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