LoveLove is the Greatest Healer

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Love is the Greatest Healer

LOVE EXPANDS WITH LOVING YOURSELF. Without love, we would be living in a world of total chaos. The reason it is not so, is because there is more love circulating round the world than we imagine. Our world is actually more harmonious  than evil. Love transcends all evil. Love is all around us. It is closer than we are aware of. If we took the time to open our eyes and ears a little wider we may just catch it, accept it and, above all, have it. That way  we can put ourselves in a position to embrace love, circulate love and make love bigger than it is now. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Wouldn’t that be great?

From the self-help book. Know You Can Change. A path to Psychological and Spiritual Development. Chapter 32  “Love”.  Author, Chris Stavri.


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