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Depression is very different from just being unhappy. When we are unhappy we can acknowledge the sadness about something in our lives, or in the lives of people close to us, but gradually the feeling affects us less, and we are able to be comforted and live normally in spite of a heavy heart.

In depression this is not so. The sufferer is unable to adjust to painful feelings, so he switches them off and becomes emotionally dead. Unfortunately the good feelings which balance his mood are also turned off, so it is difficult or impossible to comfort him.

It is sad and many people go through years of only being half alive, not realising they are suffering from a treatable illness. If your finger became numb and you could not use it you would be rushing off to the doctor to find the cause of the trouble. Why put up with numb feelings? Depression is often so sneaky; it creeps up on you, anaesthetising your feelings little by little until your lack of emotions hardly registers and accept your grey world as normal.

Being depressed is like being in a room that needs decorating- you don’t know it needs decorating so you can’t do anything about it. All you know is a sense of dull misery and bewilderment that you have to stay in such a room.

When she realised she was suffering from depression, she said it was like being able to see the cracks on the wall. She felt the insight was optimistic, and she knew she was in a grey room, but it also brought its problems; how could she make it a better room to live in.? It can be even more painful at first when the feelings start to wake up and, inevitably, anxious rear their heads-how will I plaster the walls, will I ever find the right pain? Etc.

But though scary, it can also be exciting because the good feelings are going to come through too. This is the start of recovery. A young man described it like this:

“It was as though I had undergone surgery and been an anaesthetic for years-as I started to come out of the depression, my wound started to throb, but at least I was now awake enough to believe people when they were saying the throbbing would eventually go and I would be myself again.”

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