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Online counselling with a Harley Street psychotherapist

Get instant help online. Call or WhatsApp a therapist now at +44(0) 7816977334 to arrange a counselling session. An immediate appointment can be arranged for you today.

Harley Street Counselling is a professional private practice that adheres to the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) guidelines and code of ethics. All the therapists within the association are Accredited and Registered by the BACP, extensively trained and have many years of experience working with people affected by all kinds of emotional and psychological issues.

Our core aim is to provide clients with a safe space where they can explore their worries without feeling pressured or judged and to help them understand and resolve the issues that are affecting them as quick as possible.


Professional Psychotherapist – BACP Registered & Accredited


Chris I. Stavri is a professional psychotherapist and counselling supervisor with extensive experience in helping people to overcome emotional struggles and to maintain inner balance. He is an expert in the use of psychological skills, combined with deep knowledge of meditation and visualization techniques, to facilitate and accelerate the achievement of individual and collective goals.

Chris Stavri is the senior psychotherapist and supervisor of the Harley Street Counselling. He has worked as a counselling psychotherapist since 2006 in a GP’s practice for the NHS with clients affected by all kinds of emotional issues and has extensive training and many years of experience working with people seeking help for problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, relationship issues, grief, and all types of painful feelings.

He has a huge interest in understanding human emotions, behaviour and relationships, and continues to study these factors, in order to deliver an enhanced counselling service and to offer new psychological knowledge to the field of psychology. He also has a special interest in spirituality and uses some of this knowledge base in his work. He also offers clients meditation to improve well-being, overcome anxiety, and panic-attack, lessen stress and enhance confidence.

He is the author of the self-help book called Know You Can Change: A Path to Psychological and Spiritual Development. In this book, he outlines some of the most significant elements that cause people to suffer and gives general guidance to overcome them. Although in content it is richly informative, he advises that it should not be used alone for psychological progression.


• Effective psychotherapy to overcome mental resistance.

• Motivational therapy to boost confidence and positive outlook.

• Guided meditation to achieve extraordinary objectives and favourable results.


“No person can fail to achieve their outer dreams if they work alongside their inner being.”

“Better Mind, Better Life”

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