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KNOW YOU CAN CHANGE: A Path to Psychological and Spiritual Development

By Chris I. Stavri

Know You Can Change offers profound insights into the roots of our emotions. It is designed to empower you and to help you recognise that you have the knowledge within you to change your life for the better.

This book is structured in themes that range from the psychological to the spiritual, such as fear, guilt, remorse, relationships, dreams, signs, love and meditation. Each chapter includes both theory and practice, as a guide to self-development.

This book aims to help you rediscover the self that resides within you: the real you that desires progression, development and release from the bondage of the ego, the false sense of self. It emphasises that we are all spiritual beings on a human journey and that we have the capacity to live life in accordance with the four levels of existence: the physical, psychological, spiritual and divine dimensions.

Creativity and enlightenment await those who are ready to open the door to the wisdom within themselves.

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