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The planets are the makeup of who we are. 

Astrology is an ancient form of knowledge that establishes the relationship between the position of the celestial planets and the events that take place here on Earth, both at the individual and collective levels. These events are the external manifestation of subtle fields that operate in the psychological realms which are directly related to the “music of the spheres”, as the ancients referred to the cosmic movement and interrelation of the planets and luminaries. This “music” can sometimes be harmonic and sometimes dissonant, something which reflects on our mundane life, when, for example, when we may alternatively go through periods of peace and periods of crises.

At the moment we are born, our psychological body crystallises in a pattern that directly relates to the position of the planets and luminaries in the sky at that particular instant. This pattern can be seen in what is known as the individual astral chart, in which the different psychological attributes of the person can be shown and revealed. For most of us, the planetary influences that lay behind our habits and behaviours remain unconscious, since these forces are invisible and subtle. Nevertheless, they exist and can become obvious with some systematic observation.

I provide a one-hour astrological reading here in the comfort of my consulting room. My reading consists of giving you some immediate insight into your psychological make-up, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, leaning and inclinations, as well as matters of concerns to do with work, money and relationships. When I give an astrological reading, I combine my developed skills as a counsellor with the knowledge I have acquired of the ancient wisdom of astrology.

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