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Senior psychotherapist

Meet Chris I. Stavri

a highly experienced psychotherapist and counselling supervisor who is accredited by the BACP. With over 17 years of experience, Chris has helped countless individuals overcome emotional struggles and maintain inner balance. He specializes in using psychological skills, meditation, and visualization techniques to help individuals and groups achieve their goals more effectively.

As the senior psychotherapist and supervisor at Harley Street Counselling, Chris has worked with clients affected by all kinds of emotional issues. He has extensive training and many years of experience working with people seeking help for problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, relationship issues, grief, and all types of painful feelings.

Chris has a deep interest in understanding human emotions, behaviour, and relationships, and he continues to study these factors to deliver an enhanced counselling service and offer new psychological knowledge to the field of psychology. He is also passionate about spirituality and uses some of this knowledge in his work. Chris offers clients guided meditation to improve well-being, overcome anxiety and panic attacks, lessen stress, and enhance confidence.

Aside from traditional counselling techniques, Chris is an author of the self-help book, Know You Can Change: A Path to Psychological and Spiritual Development. In this book, he shares valuable insights into what causes people to suffer and offers general guidance on how to overcome these challenges. Chris advises that while the book is richly informative, it should not be used alone for psychological progression.

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